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paypal component for cakephp

paypal component for cakephp

Hello Friend  many time you use paypal payment using in html (form and its hidden field etc.)

But in CakePHP nothing to do . No need to create from .

so how to do it .. just follow simple step

1. save this component  in app->controller -> component  floder

Download paypal component

2. In controller  Include the Payapl component
public $components = array(‘Paypal’);

3. you need to create paypal API in paypal setting . after create API file in open paypal component and
           ‘webscr’ => ‘’,
        ‘endpoint’ => ‘’,
        ‘password’ => ”,
        ’email’ => ”,
        ‘signature’ => ”

fill password, email , signature .


4. now in controller  just use this function

      // Set the values and begin paypal process
      public function express_checkout() {
            $this->Paypal->amount = 10.00;
            $this->Paypal->currencyCode = ‘GBP';    
            $this->Paypal->returnUrl = Router::url(array(‘action’ => ‘get_details’), true);
            $this->Paypal->cancelUrl = Router::url($this->here, true);
            $this->Paypal->orderDesc = ‘A description of the thing someone is about to buy';
            $this->Paypal->itemName = ‘Swedish penis enlargement kit';
            $this->Paypal->quantity = 1;
        } catch(Exception $e) {

you can set parameter as up to you

when you calll this funcation , this function redirect in paypal . now make payment after payment we call this funcation

    // Use the token in the return URL to fetch details
      public function get_details() {
            try {
                $this->Paypal->token = $this->request->query[‘token’];
                $this->Paypal->payerId = $this->request->query[‘PayerID’];
            $customer_details = $this->Paypal->getExpressCheckoutDetails();
            } catch(Exception $e) {


this function will return us all details about payment .

its very simple to use .

direct credit card payment function also in this code . just download and use it .



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