CakePHP, A Solid MVC Architecture Based Open Source Framework That Makes Web Application Development A Breeze

The CakePHP Framework is an open source web application framework that is primarily used for developing robust & powerful web applications of diverse nature. CakePHP one of the most popular PHP frameworks was launched in 2005 and draws its inspiration from Ruby on Rails. It is distributed under the MIT License and backed by an active community of developers which is growing steadily. The MVC architecture forms the very basis of the CakePHP Rapid Application Framework. Due to this coding pattern, developers can focus more on the application development part rather than writing codes.

This PHP based framework is based on the principles of Object Relational Mapping. It is a unique programming technique that is mainly used for converting data between incompatible type systems in databases and object-oriented programming languages. Using the CakePHP Framework, developers can easily carve out web applications that are user-friendly, secured, bug-free and have intuitive user-interface. Today, there are countless CakePHP Development companies available in the market which provide complete web solutions based on the powerful CakePHP Framework.

Why should you use the CakePHP Framework?

Well, there are innumerable Reasons To Choose CakePHP Framework; however a few important of these have been discussed as under

  • First of all, this web application is open source. Therefore, it freely available to download. If you have some technical knowledge and are willing to take out time to learn this framework, it is worth the efforts. Setting up and installing CakePHP is not an issue either. All you need to do is download the framework from its official site and that’s it! As a business, you just need to spend on the CakePHP Customization part & you can start enjoying its benefits right away.
  • Next, CakePHP has in-built support for AJAX. Meaning, you can add powerful & unique functionalities to your site or web application. AJAX based features help makes your site more interesting & engaging.
  • Developers have complete freedom in choosing the testing platform while they are using CakePHP for web application development. Now, this is very useful for developing highly secured web applications for businesses.
  • Today, with social media platforms on the rise, your CakePHP site can be easily integrated with Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The CakePHP Facebook Connect Integration allows your visitors to login into your site using their Facebook username & password. You can get all the crucial information about your visitors and accordingly develop custom marketing strategies to improve your brand visibility.
  • CakePHP also allows developers to create dynamic ecommerce sites having shopping cart functionalities. The custom shopping carts created are very easy to use and absolutely secured too. One can also integrate a payment gateway of their choice without any technical hassles.
  • The ACL functionality and security offered by CakePHP is simply beyond par. It has in-built Authorization & Security.

YCakephp and CakePHP Web Application Development

Here at YCakephp, we are a professional CakePHP Development Company, offering complete online solutions with CakePHP framework. As dedicated CakePHP Developers, we have spent years in developing powerful & intuitive web applications using CakePHP. We provide complete solutions for your business so that you can easily cut down costs and enhance productivity. Apart from this, we even specialize in offering periodic CakePHP Maintenance services as per your requirements. Have a quick glimpse of our CakePHP Services, here

  • Developing custom content management systems
  • Setting up ecommerce websites with CakePHP
  • Rapid web application development with Agile Methodology
  • CakePHP Integration with third-party applications
  • Custom web design using CakePHP
  • Technical assistance in integrating templates & themes
  • Regular updates, security audit etc
  • Lot more as per your business needs…..

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